Nixie bargraph clock v2

The first microcontroller project I ever built was a Nixie clock using two bargraph tubes. One for hours and another for minutes. This used a Adafruit trinket, RTC and high voltage supply. All mounted on a nice antique clock movement. Is was pretty nice and featured on the front page of Instructables. Aces.

Well recently it was dropped and while still turns on, it no longer keeps the correct time. Now a couple of years have past and I know a little more I thought I’d rebuild my first project.

So here’s the first update: board designed with Design Spark PCB (reduced version of Easy PC) and ordered.

3d PCB

It uses a Kinetis KL03 and the same HV supply as I did before, I just put it on the same PCB. So boards on the way from China and a box of bits from Farnell sitting on my desk… tbc

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