Carvings and furniture

My carvings are derived via complex mathematical equations. I use wood to solidify these equations as its tactile properties further my experience of the equation.

I have a PhD in Quantum Physics from Sussex University, this research gave me a deep understanding of the rules that explain and predict the world we see around us.

From very simple formula, complex and beautiful shapes can be generated. After years of study I wanted to progress the 2D projections to something physical and tangible to enhance my understanding of my research.

The results are beautiful, combining the strict, repeatable, mathematical surface with the random natural grain of the wood which produces something unique every time.

I use specialist software to develop equations that reflect wave patterns which we see in nature, these might be waves left in the sand at the beach or ripples in a pond all of which pull me back to my experience and love of the natural environment

All works are completely unique, with the pattern and geometries generated with a mix of random number generators and intuition. I also include personal numbers into the equations, such as birthdays, dates and important geographical locations. This means that each and every carving is different from the last, with no two ever being the same. Here are some examples of my work.

If you would like to own a carving, bowl or table please send an email to: and I will promptly get back to you with more information.

Beech ripples coffee table
top side1

Lime wood bowl
2015-06-16 21.10.36

Carved panels
Beech blocks
beech carvings
Rough sawn Oak
2015-05-10 22.00.24

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